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What is "Breaking Out the Light?"

Many of you recognize that Trinity Fellowship Church has been a hidden gem in Tyler since its inception nearly four decades ago. TFC has been a place of refuge and refreshment for believers to experience God’s presence and to grow in His strength.

God has kept Trinity under a rock, so to speak, for such a time as this: The Last Days. People are turning away from their religious roots by the thousands every day. As selfishness and an anti-God, anti-Christ spirit rise up in our nation, the Church needs to reach out like never before. There has never been a greater sense of urgency in the lifetime of Trinity, for people to come to the understanding and experience of God’s presence, than there is right now!

God is calling us to reach out. He is removing the covering off of Trinity and breaking out the light and setting it upon a hill for all to see. As the first rays of dawn reach out the splinter the darkness, we too shall reach into our communities and our neighborhoods to spread His light to those in darkness and despair.

Join us as we embark together on a journey of prayer by seeking the Lord’s voice and desiring steadfast obedience to His call!

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How Do We "Break out the Light?"

This Vision Campaign is multifaceted to prepare for what God is about to do in this community:

  • 1

    We will prepare our hearts through fasting and prayer, so that we may clearly hear what He is asking of us.

  • 2

    We will develop Assimilation Teams to incorporate all those that will be coming into the body.

  • 3

    We will increase our facilities to help with the harvest: in salvations, discipleship, and building community.

  • 4

    We will increase our capacity to help the poor through our Love-in-Deed ministry.

Proposed Vision Campaign Additions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) When does the campaign begin and what is its purpose?

    The campaign begins on Sunday, February 12th, with 40 days of fasting and prayer, and will conclude with a Celebration Sunday at church on March 26th. Totals will be announced on Celebration Sunday. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to expand our facility, increase the Love-in-Deed ministry, and increase staffing to increase our community reach.

    2) How much will the improvements cost?

    We have designed the improvements and are entering the process to get a precise bid. Our consultant has estimated the improvements range at 1.5 million to 2 million, depending on finishes selected.

    3) Will all of the funds raised go to the building improvements?

    The campaign board has met and prayerfully considered how to move forward. We have determined this campaign's purpose is to raise funds in the following order: 1) To make improvements to the lobby, sanctuary, and family life center;2) Raise funds for our Love-In-Deed ministry to be able to more efficiently feed and serve more families; 3) Leverage remaining capital into boosting our ability to do ministry. This could include the hiring of additional staff. What if we could add additional staff to impact our community on a deeper level? What if what we already do could be done with more focus and passion because we have the finances and staffing to support it more fully? And, what if we had the financial and staffing resources to launch new ministries?

    4) Will there be opportunity to raise additional funds outside the church walls?

    Yes, TFC will be meeting with different companies to gain partnerships in our three fund raising goals. We will also explore other avenues, such as: 1) intentional asks through prayerful consideration, 2) alumni participation and reconnection, among others.

    5) If I decide to give, how long would I be making this pledge?

    The duration of the giving period will be three years; however, donations can also be a one-time gift.

    6) What if my financial situation changes after I make my commitment?

    While we hope that won't happen for you, we understand that the future is unknown. If your situation changes, you and your family would determine the most appropriate response. No one will ever contact you from the church to follow-up on the commitment you make; however, we will send out statements periodically so that you can be aware of what you have given.

  • 7) How can I help with or fully participate in this?

    First and foremost, please join us in praying! We know that God is ultimately the One who will provide for His church through the faithfulness of His people. We want this season at TFC to be about more than raising funds. We want to use this as an opportunity to prayerfully go before God and ask Him to move in our lives and through our church. We would love to have you join us in our "40 Days of Prayer and Fasting," which begins on Sunday, February 12th and ends on Saturday, March 24th. Additionally, please participate for an hour or two of our "24-hour Prayer Vigil" happening March 10 - March 11. More information on the Prayer Vigil will be provided as we get closer to that date.

    8) Will I get a tax receipt for my donations?

    Yes, all funds donated to the Breaking out the Light fund will receive the same tax receipting as any other giving to Trinity Fellowship Church.

    9) Can my employer match my gift if they have a matching program?

    The business would receive a donation receipt for tax purposes the same as an individual donor. You may need to look at the regulations for your employer's matching funds. We would be happy to help however we can.

    10) Is this commitment/pledge in addition to my normal giving?

    Yes, we're asking that whatever you pledge for the 3-year-period would be over and above your normal giving. We use the General Operating Fund, where your normal tithes and offerings are placed, for the day-to-day operations of the church. The funds pledged for Breaking out the Light will be placed in a separate fund to be used solely for the purposes listed in question 1 above.

    11) Where can I get further information about Breaking out the Light?

    Pastor Kerry and his team will be visiting several small gatherings between February 26th through March 12th so that you can hear more and ask questions. We will be sharing location and times for these gatherings, so more info will follow. If none of the times work for you or you would like to talk with someone one-on-one, please feel free to contact Pastor Duane Hett (, the Director of Breaking out the Light.